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Micro cutter 1/8", 36mm, d: 0,1-0,2mm

with distance ring - pink

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Product no.: P2J-ET-010
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PCB engraving tool for paths 0,1-0,2mm - Fine line milling tool



Description (mm) :

a        x        l       x     OAL   x     D

60      x     2,1       x      36     x   3.175



Fine line PCB milling tool for milling extra fine paths about 0,1mm width.




Lenght: 36
Shank: 3,175mm
Tip angle: 60

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Universal cutter 1/8", 36mm, d: 0,2-0,5mm
Universal cutter 1/8", 36mm, d: 0,2-0,5mm
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Our price 1,235.00 EUR
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with distance ring - violet

Our price 12.00 EUR
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