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PCB milling machine 4MILL300

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Product description

PCB milling machine 4MILL300

We proudly present our multipurpose machine for PCB prototyping and front panel making. Make your double-sided PCB’s in minutes using 4MILL. Thanks to its hi-precision leadscrews and 60K HF spindle motor we can handle standard PCB designs, SMD, RF and various other applications. Do you need to drill holes from 0.2mm and/or mill  tracks and insulation paths from 0.1mm? 4MILL is the machine for you!

4MILL300 is the entry level machine. It ensures quick and easy  production of PCB's prototypes as well as machining front pannels in your lab. 4MILL300 is the step into the world of Printed Circuit Board Prototyping in proffesional way.

4MILL300 is proffesional machine used as an ideal training solution for schools and universites as well as ideal machine for development and design laboratories.

Standard features on the 4MILL300 include:

  • HF spindle motor(60.000RPM)
  • Ultra fine resolution (1um),
  • Accuracy (0,05mm)
  • Suitable for double sided PCB's
  • Simple and fast PUSH&TURN tool holder
  • Cabinet for safe and quiet operation



4MILL machines are perfect tools for developing and producing PCB prototypes but not only for these jobs! 4MILL is also suitable for variety of appliations:

  • Structuring Circuit Boards
  • Depaneling of PCBs
  • Engraving or cutting front pannels
  • Machining of plastics, wood or Aluminium 

With proffesional machine comes proffesional software

With professional machine comes professional software! TrackMaker, packed with features for quick processing and milling of your data. Load all layers with one click and start milling right away. Powerful for super-users and user-friendly for beginners. In fact, we are convinced that this is the most user-friendly package on the market....more


Machine is delivered together with full license of TrackMaker software and starter set of tools consisting from:

Universal cutter for 0,2 - 0,5mm paths 2pcs
Micro cutter for 0,1 - 0,15mm paths 1pcs
Contour router 2mm 1pcs
End mill 1mm 1pcs
Drill bit 0,6mm 1pcs
Drill bit 0,8mm 1pcs
Drill bit 1mm 1pcs
Drill bit 1,5mm 1pcs
Drill bit 3mm 1pcs
Copper plates FR4, format A5, 2 sided 5pcs
Copper plates FR4, format A5, 1 sided 5pcs
Drill underlay material, format A5 2pcs
Metal wool cleaning pad 1pcs



Manufacturer: MIPEC
Max. material size: 240 x 180 x 30mm
Milling spindle: software controlled brushless motor, max. 60.000RPM
Resolution: 1μm
Repeatibility: ± 0.05 mm
Tool-holder: 3,175mm
Milling depth adjustment: μm precise depth adjustment
Drilling speed: up to 120 strokes/min
Travel speed X/Y: 40mm/s
X/Y/Z drives: hybride motors
Machine table: flat milled aluminium table with central T-slot
Dimensions: W-420 x D-455 x H-435mm
Weight: 40
Power supply: 115/230V, 50-60Hz
Software: TrackMaker

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