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PCB standard drill 1,2 mm

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Product no.: P2J-D-120
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Product description

1,2mm PCB drill bits suitable for all standard PCBs made from FR4 base material.


For all standard PCBs


Excellent hole wall quality.
High positional accuracy.
Efficient chip removal.


Total lenght: 38mm
Spiral lenght: 10,5mm
Tip angle: 130º
Shaft diameter: 3,175mm

Recomended machining parameters:

Spindle speed: 40000RPM
Feed rate: 3,2m/min
Chip load: 81µm/rev
Retraction: 20m/min

*Recomended machining parameters provide guidelines which acts as starting points for optimising speeds and feeds at the user's end.


Diameter: 1,20 mm
Spiral lenght: 10,50 mm
Total lenght: 38 mm
Shank: 3,175 mm
Ring color: Yellow

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