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Reflow oven HR-22 LF

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Product no.: P2J-HR-22LF
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Product description

Batch Reflow Oven HR-22LF. Designed for leadfree soldering !

- R heating with convective support
- Leadfree alloy soaking
- Bigger area for soldering
- Automatic front door opening/closure
- Measurement temperature in 3 points
- Forced cooling PCB after soaking
- Desktop version - Favourable price

HR-22LF is batch type oven designed for leadfree soldering in preference. Partly shielded heaters result to rectangular
heat distribution and muting negatives of heating in visible range of spectum. Axial fan with dark heating spiral situated in
backside warant hot air moving under component as well as into so called heat shadows. So there is reached relative
small temperature difference between components and it is perfect suitable for leadfree soldering.
The advantage of one cell batch type reflow oven is possibility of settings special profile for each PCB and maximum
soldering time is almost unlimited.
Oven HR-22LF is designed as autonomous device. PCB prepared for soldering is inserted on door rack and by pressing
button situated on front panel is executed door closing and after that is executed soldering process. After finishig this
process will door open and is applied forced PCB and oven cooling.
Inserting of solder programs is very easy by common PC keyboard which you can connect to oven. On front panel are two
LCD displays for checking oven state and temperature. After connecting termocouple is possible to measure temperature
diagram right on PCB.

Designed for leadfree soldering !

Technical Data:

Source: 230 V, 50Hz
Max Power: 4800W (circuit breaker B 20A)
Dimensions: 570x560x410mm
Max weight: 32kg
Time: 1-999s
Temperature range: 50-260°C
Grid dimensions: 410x320mm
Max dimensions of PCB: 400x290mm

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