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SMD manipulator 4PLACE

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Product description

SMD manipulator MIPEC 4PLACE without vision system


SMD Manipulator 4PLACE creates compact, performing assembly system for prototype PCB assembly and low volume production. Slight arm movement in X and Y axis allows comfortable component picking from tapes and their placing all over the mnipulator desktop with PCB. Precise Z axis leading of placing head provide accurate and gentle component placing into the solder paste. Placing head button, is used for needle rotating around its own axis at the same time. In the placing head , there is also integrated source of light for easier orientation over components and PCB and head movement magnetic sensor, which is used for switching of vacuum, accordingly to head possition. One push of head button is meant as picking a component and second push means its place.


Standard supply contains: Manipulator’s table with moveable arm, power supply 230/12 V, vacuum pump, 3 magnetic PCB holders, 2 vacuum cups, spare needle for vacuum pipette and service instructions.

Separately ordered/supplied as accessories : Feeders for 10 components from tapes, holders for reels, IC feeders from sticks, 10cc barrel holder and dispensing controller


Technical data:

Manipulator dimensions(l/w/h): 790 x 390 x 170 mm
Working area max: 3 50 x 210 mm
Dimensions w. feeders max.: 1140 x 650 mm
Power supply: Adaptor 230/12 V
Arm movement in axis x/y/z: 470 x 230 x 15 mm
Vacuum pump supply: 230 V, 6 W
Weight: 6 kgs

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