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MIPEC....All you can need for PCB prototyping

With a MIPEC PCB milling machine, you can produce PCBs in your own lab – fast, environmentally friendly, and with high accuracy. Waiting days or weeks for your boards to be delivered is a thing of the past. With your 4MILL300 or 4MILL300ATC, you can proceed directly from the design phase to the
implementation and testing of your design. If you discover any design errors, you can immediately produce a new PCB and run your tests again. This has numerous advantages: you can reduce your time to market because projects are completed sooner , your design stays inside the company for increased security, and you are no longer dependent on outside suppliers.

The MIPEC product line fully covers all steps of PCB prototyping workflow, from PCB structuring to SMD assembly and reflow. All our machines were designed for very ease of use. It means that even user without experiences from CNC machining or SMD assembly can easily and quickly produce hight quality prototypes.


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