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Mipec - The world of PCB prototyping


What Mipec can offer you

Mipec is here to give you proffesional suport for your CNC machines.

Mipec supplies the best tools available for PCB milling and drilling, with optimal tool geometry for machining standard PCB materials FR4 or for milling special materials which are used in RF applications. Our exclusive range of tools starts from micro drills with a diameter of 0.20 mm and milling cutters for producing isolation traces with a width of 80 µm up to PCB endmills or contour routers 3mm dia.

The tool quality is very important for the production of PCBs. Thanks our experiences in the CNC machining, we can guarantee that Mipec tools will bring perfect milling results and last much longer.

How Mipec can help you

Mipec was distributor of Colinbus machines in past and we were also deeply involved in their soft- and hardware development, that's why we can offer you full support. Today we offer a new software TrackMaker to control these machines and to generate dedicated CAM data. TrackMaker was developed for our own CNC machines 4MILL but is also tailored to all Colinbus machines.



Mipec - if you want to mill perfect circuits