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MIPEC is a trademark of P2J Technology s.r.o.
Zizkova 165, Dasice
phone: +420 463 034 367


arr3New distributor in South KoreaCompany PROLAB co.,ltd. is our new distributor for customers from South Korea.    PROLAB Co.,... arr3New reflow ovens in our rangethere are new bigger reflow ovens in our range. HR-22LF and HR-23LF used for low volume production....


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Contact information


Company headquarters


Address:       P2J Technology s.r.o.

Zizkova 165

53303 Dasice

Czech republic


Telephone :  +420 463 034 367


E-mail:           info@mipec.eu


ID No.:           28826698

VAT ID No.:   CZ28826698


Registered at Regional Court, Hradec Kralove, section C, enclosure 29963.




Company workshop


Address:      P2J Technology s.r.o.

Dolni Roven 153

53371 Dolni Roven

Czech republic